Crochet * Granny Square „Somalia“

Crochet * Granny Square
Crochet * Granny Square "Somalia"
Crochet * Granny Square "Somalia"
Crochet * Granny Square "Somalia"

We run a fundraising for Somalia during August – similar to the one for Japan initiated by Großmütterchen’s Blogspot. I modified the famous „African Flower“ granny from hexagon to square format. You are invited cordially to join!

For starters – please use cotton or cotton-mixture matching hook #3 mm. The granny squares should measure appr. 10-11 cm. We will give you more information on how to proceed shortly.


  1. What a beautiful little square! I have been looking for an interesting square like this for ages. Lovely clear video too. What a lovely relaxing voice. Thank you :-)


  2. wow! not only a lovely pattern and for charity, but you can freely translate the pattern aswell. what a lady you are and thank you for the pattern and the reminder that charity work is just as much fun.


  3. Vielen Dank für das tutorial.

    I liked the „somalia“ very much and with the video it is easy to make it. It is a wonderfull project.

    I used the squares for a granny square bag (to be). If you like to see the result, I put it on my blog:
    Here I also put a link to your post and pattern.

    With kind regards,

    Nynke Stone


    Melanie J. Antwort vom April 24th, 2013 01:57:

    @Nynke Stone, how did you get pattern in English? I am having trouble translating. Can you help me?


    Melanie J.


    Lila Antwort vom April 24th, 2013 09:31:

    Dear @Melanie J.,

    this video is in English.

    Sincerely, Lila



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