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Crochet * Big Fan Stitch

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Crochet * Big Fan Stitch
Crochet * Big Fan Stitch

This easy-to-work crochet stitch is perfect for delicate summer shawls or fillegree summer tops

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6 Kommentare
  1. Patricia Sears says

    I love how you explain your steps. I just can not crochet as fast as you do!
    Since I have always wanted to learn the German language, I love how i can google translation and pick up two things as once.

    1. Lila says

      Dear @Patricia Sears,

      great idea to combine crocheting and learnig a bit German language
      You can watch the video *Big Fan Stitch here in German.

      On our international website you can find all videos in English language and the same videos in German language.
      In the upper menuebar on the right side you’ll see Alle Deutsch and All English
      Same articles have the same pictures, so it’s easy to find out which Englisch video corresponds to which German video.


  2. nita says

    How can I get the pinneapple doily pattern. I could’nt follow the second part of the video tutorial well. My mom loves doilies and I’d like to make this one for her for mothers day.

    1. Lila says

      Dear @nita,

      have you worked with the English videos?
      PART 1: rounds 1 to 9
      PART 2: rounds 10 to 15

      Written pattern ist not available.

      Greetings, Lila

  3. cocolive says

    Merci beaucoup pour tous ces tutoriels et toutes ces vidéos. J’aime beaucoup.

    Thank you very much for all the tutorials and all these videos. I love.

  4. Sandra Velzi says

    Ola, gostaria de saber se voce ttem o grafico desse trabalho.
    Desde ja agradeço.